Why should you enter the ScaleUp Awards?

The Amazon ScaleUp Awards by Business Leader Magazine are now open to enter for businesses and individuals across the UK. But, what are the benefits to entering awards?

No matter what size the business is or how long it has been running, there are many advantages to entering, and hopefully, winning an award.

The benefits extend beyond picking up a trophy or enjoying a gala dinner at a world-class venue.

Public recognition for your business

If you or your business receives a nomination for an award, it is a sign that you are the elite business within your sector, industry or region. This recognition is then publicised extensively in the public eye in the lead up to the awards night itself. This means you gain months of publicity, and if you win, then that publicity reaches a whole new level.

Free PR

And that publicity is absolutely free! Whether you are an international conglomerate or a one-man operation – you need brand awareness and exposure. Using a PR company or employing a PR manager comes at an expense. Awards press releases, videos and announcements are all free of charge. And in the case of the Amazon ScaleUp Awards – they are also free to enter!

A selling point to customers

When you are pitching to an existing or potential client, showing that you have been independently recognised for your excellence can give you that extra push to beat your competitors.

Physical presence of recognition

When a customer, potential customer, employee, interviewee or anyone enters your office, having a physical awards trophy or letter or recognition shows them that this business is well respected and admired. First impressions are crucial in life – the world of business is no different.

Employee happiness and satisfaction

In a world where employee happiness and wellbeing is becoming ever more important, knowing that you work in a business that is not only successful, but highly respected by others, gives an employee the impetus to kick on in their career.

Makes the business more appealing to new recruits

This is also true for potential recruits. Who wouldn’t want to work for a business that is both growing and winning awards? Feeling a part of a successful journey – in which awards are a key aspect – means that high-quality talent in other businesses will start to look for opportunities that may rise within your business.

Networking opportunities with likeminded people

Being shortlisted means that you and your team will be there at the awards night, eagerly anticipating the results of the independent judging panel. But this is also a key opportunity to impress new potential clients. The key decision-makers of businesses all across the UK descend upon a single location to celebrate – what better opportunity to showcase your business?

Separates the business from those within the sector

Having an independent judging panel recognise your business ahead of the rest shows to the sector and wider business community that you and your business are the leading light, and a model they should follow.

Validates your growth plans

Growing a business comes with many challenges – many of which cause businesses to go bust or get stagnant. To drive a business forward, it is key to know that you are on the path to success. Awards nominations and wins show that this is happening.

Brand exposure

Awards events are very public affairs. Press releases pre and post-event, videos, celebrity involvement, social media and all the razzmatazz a night of glitz and glamour comes with. Branding is plastered across the event and, if nominated, it will be seen by thousands and maybe millions of people.


Entering awards involves a written entry and supporting documents to back up your claims. This is the perfect opportunity to look at the business and individuals within it – and make key decisions that will affect the future of your business.

Sponsorship, tickets and information are available here, and if you have any enquiries please call 0117 325 7779 or email info@businessleader.co.uk.

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